LAWYERS SAY: Ex and those who leaked video broke law

The former boyfriend and those who uploaded the video online could be punished under the law.

Criminal lawyer Rajan Supramaniam from Hilborne Law said that while the sex was consensual, the ex-boyfriend could be charged with rape as he was 16 at the time while the girl, at 13, was a minor.

"He exploited her innocence, but the police will have to investigate further," he said.

"Depending on whether they decide to charge him with rape or carnal connection, the penalties will be different."

If charged with carnal connection, as he is under 21, the youth will likely be given probation.

"If the boy is charged with rape, then probation is still possible," Mr Rajan said.

"But most likely, he will get reformative training."

As for those who allegedly uploaded or circulated the videos, lawyer Louis Joseph from Regent Law said they could be charged under the new harassment law that has just come into effect.

"Charging them under the Protection from Harassment Act means they could face a fine of not more than $5,000, a jail term of not more than six months, or both," he said.

"They can also be charged with possession of child pornography if they have the video."

He said that the offending parties, including the ex-boyfriend, are likely to be given fines and probation.

"Anyone under 21 will most likely just be given probation and a fine," he said.

"It is at the discretion of the police and depends on the circumstances of the incidents."