LETTING OUT FEELINGS WITH ART held its first drawing workshop last month.

The Draw-with-Me Creative Workshop at *Scape was conducted by Mrs Chow Yee Ling and another volunteer.

Mrs Chow, who has an associate's degree in Western Art from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, said: "There are many ways to express your emotions. Not all of us might be able to talk about it, so drawing is a different way to let your feelings out."

Her husband, Mr Chow Yen-Lu, said: "We want to provide a safe and supportive place where people can come and release their emotions, by putting what's on their mind on a piece of paper."

Eight participants attended the workshop and Mr Chow said he was "very satisfied" with the turnout as 13 people had registered for it.

He said: "Participants said they wanted to do more, so we will be holding another workshop at the end of this month."

Details will be released on the Facebook page (

Mrs Chow decided to hold a drawing workshop after attending a course conducted by Ms Joanna Tan, an art therapist in private practice.


Ms Tan, who has been practising for 11 years, said it is important to note that art workshops are not the same as art therapy sessions.

She said: "Art is therapeutic, but art therapy is a professional method of treatment which requires proper qualification."

According to a spokesman for the Singapore Association for Mental Health, an art therapist must have a minimum qualification of a master's degree in art therapy.

Said the spokesman: "The art therapist combines both therapy and art forms to assess presenting issues of the client, then consequently develop a personalised intervention plan for implementation."

Ms Tan added: "If participants feel they are emoting something overwhelming during the workshop, they should seek a qualified art therapist to process those emotions."