"I'm not surprised at all. It's very important to understand why Kit participated in I Am A Singer 3. She wasn't in it for the objective of winning, I believe she just wanted to be part of the whole 'China music experience'.

"In China, the first thing people vote for is familiarity. Regardless of how you sound, relatability is most important to audiences there. It was never going to be easy for Kit to be more popular than the Chinese artists. Still, this is definitely very good exposure for her. She took steps to do things she has never tried before."

- Ken Lim, director of record company Hype Records and Chan's fellow judge on local reality singing contest The Final 1

"Although I Am A Singer is a competition of sorts, it's actually an entertainment programme. It's not about who is better. It's more of a platform for Kit to present her style to Chinese audiences.

"I read some news reports that said Kit didn't choose the right songs for competing. But if you look at this competition as a variety show, it's a great showcase of different types of singing. All seven contestants are professional singers. When it comes to judging who is better, it's a matter of personal taste." 

- Lim Sek, chief executive of entertainment company Music & Movement

"Chinese singing competitions are all about power vocals, so in a sense, Kit doesn't fit the mould. However, that could be her strength. I think audiences were surprised by her elegant style and unsure of how to vote. I understand they are starting to see otherwise. If audience interest in her grows and they start searching for her on the Internet, I think they will be more familiar with her style and start voting for her (in the wildcard round). People have a tendency to support the underdog.

"China has so many competitions and too many winners, many of whom are indistinguishable from one another. I think they are ready for something new. Even though Kit's style is classic, she is a breath of fresh air in the market today. I'm rooting for her big comeback and rebirth."

- Dick Lee, veteran local musician who performed iconic National Day theme song Home together with Chan at the recent Celebrate SG50 countdown show