Locals helping beggars in the cold

Some Swedes are noticing the harsh conditions these Romanian beggars live in and are doing what they can to help.

In September, Stockholm University students Nilo Rahimi and Ninni Sundin turned to social media to raise necessities for these beggars.

The duo said that Swedes are more than willing to help out and donate - over 100 people donated items.

Donors also started giving cash and they raised about 3,500 Swedish kronas (S$613) within a month. This has allowed them to buy more specific items the beggars need, such as diapers, hygiene products and food.

"To me, it was intrinsic in my nature to help those who needed help. It's a very basic act and just a humane thing to do," said Miss Sundin.

Other initiatives include individuals stepping up to collect clothes, hygiene products and dried food to distribute to the beggars to prepare for the coming winter months.

Crossroads is one organisation that tries to help EU migrants, including the beggars, by offering advice on possible employment options.

Beggars often visit the establishment for free showers and meals.