Love experts say...

Mr Chia's video may have captured eyeballs, but romance experts are doubtful about its effectiveness in snagging a girlfriend.

His method of finding a girlfriend is "courageous and refreshing," said Ms Jenny Ng, director of dating company Dating Moments.

But his approach may not be that palatable in the Asian context, given that he may be perceived as "overzealous", she added.

Ms Violet Lim, who founded dating agency Lunch Actually, pointed out that while people are commending him for being brave and sincere, those qualities are not the only things women look for.

"Women generally are impressed by men who are confident and carry themselves well. The fact that he has made this video might come across as being desperate to some, and hence not very attractive," she said.

Furthermore, many women are typically passive when it comes to making the first move.

"It will take a lot of courage on the ladies' part to contact him through the video," she added.

In Mr Chia's video, he mentions Lunch Actually, calling it "a matchmaking agency".

"But the cost is like $500", he adds, before laughing and shaking his head, saying he could take a girl out on a date and have an "awesome night" with that amount.

While Ms Lim is sceptical about Mr Chia's chances of finding a girlfriend with his video, she is impressed by his courage and sincerity.

"Lunch Actually Academy provides date coaching and image coaching. We are happy to meet him and provide him with complimentary sessions to help him achieve his objective of finding a girlfriend by December," she said.