Loving their luxe bags

When you have many, many designer bags, what do you do? The New Paper on Sunday gets an insight into the world of luxury bag collectors - even though they declined to be named

Ms L has 200 bags in her collection. Of these, most are from high-end brands like Prada, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

■ Her bags occupy two floors of her home and are stored inside crystal glass cabinets

■ To preserve 
the bags' leather, 
air-conditioning is switched on at all times to keep the rooms at optimum temperature

■ The bags are polished with lotion whenever Ms L thinks they need a good buffing

■ When she does not have the time, she sends the bags to their respective boutiques for cleaning

Ms S's luxury bag collection at one time swelled to over 50 pieces, 33 of which were from Louis Vuitton. There are also unique edition bags from Celine. Today, her bag collection stands at 40 and they are mostly from Hermes. The most expensive one is a Hermes Birkin which cost more than $20,000

■ Her bags take up an entire storeroom in her home. She needs a ladder to climb to the top of the collection

■ She used Chanel and Prada handbags as baby bags when she had children

■ At five years old, her daughter owns over 10 branded bags, including a Louis Vuitton gold heart-shaped pouch, small Gucci series bags for children and 
Burberry bags

■ Her child has drawn on her bag with a black marker. But Ms S simply buys branded sequins to create unique patterns to cover the marks