Low: We have not turned this place into a theatre

We have made suggestions, said Mr Low Thia Khiang in response to PM Lee's call for alternative policies.

"The Workers' Party (WP) MPs have also made a lot of suggestions, some of which were taken up.

"But when we say we are happy to see that it's happening and the Government has taken up some suggestions, we were told the Workers' Party is claiming credit," said Mr Low.

And why just focus on constructive politics?

WP leader Mr Low said it was important to understand the People's Action Party's (PAP) stand on constructive politics.

And yes, his party members will be talking about the other issues from housing to education, said Mr Low.

As for the party's stand on foreign worker issues, Mr Low said there has been some misunderstanding of his speeches, but the WP has not flip-flopped on the matter.

Then he added: "I also noted that when the PAP have to make a policy U-turn, they called it policy shift. I don't know whether that is a shift or is a flip-flop."

As for Bhutan's Gross National Happiness Index, Aljunied GRC MP Sylvia Lim said she did not flip-flop on her call for a measurement tool for social progress.

She said: "The point which I made in 2011, using Bhutan as the precursor of this discussion, was that they had initiated a tool to measure social well-being that takes into account sectors other than economic progress.

"And that is a model which can be used for other countries to adapt."


Mr Low also said that the WP's members have no intention of hiding in Parliament.

"We seek the mandate from the people to come to Parliament to check against the Government. And we have done it honestly and sincerely.

"We have not turned this place into a theatre," said Mr Low.

He cited the Population White Paper debate as an example.

"I think we did state our position in Parliament, we debated major policies vigorously, we don't oppose all the policies.

"But where we think that there is a need for us to oppose and be concerned of the future of Singapore, like the Population White Paper, we did so," he said.

On the topic of elections, Mr Low said the PAP can equally be "tigers or lions."

He added: "I think we are also rational, we don't accuse the PAP of something that we cannot substantiate or I know we'll get sued."