"...statesman, philosopher king, embodiment of the wisdom of the east." - The Guardian

"(Mr Lee Kuan Yew) said that the quality of a nation's manpower resources is the single most important factor determining national competitiveness." - China Daily

"Stability and economic progress were, for him, unequivocally higher priorities than western notions of freedom." 
- The Telegraph

"His mix of capitalism and strong government, which some compared to communist dictatorships, certainly seemed to work as the country's gross national product per person increased by 15 times between 1960 and 1980." - The Independent

"His 'Singapore model', sometimes criticised as soft authoritarianism...has been admired and studied by leaders in Asia, including in China." - The New York Times

"Even his harshest critics agreed on one point: The Singapore he built is one of Asia's great success stories, with one of the world's most efficient airports and ports." 
- The Los Angeles Times