Money problems and relationships can heighten tensions

Money issues and difficult relations with in-laws are the most common reasons adult children and their elderly parents argue, said a counsellor The New Paper spoke to.

Ms Petrine Lim, 36, a principal social worker at Fei Yue Family Service Centre (Yew Tee), said: "For the elderly who come to us, it is most often the case that they have financial difficulties, like not receiving enough support from their children."

As for the children, they visit counsellors after run-ins with their in-laws. These issues can range from having different parenting styles, and even problems with living together.

Ms Lim, who has more than a decade of counselling experience, added: "These disputes are left simmering and unresolved over time, which can result in worst-case scenarios like an elderly parent being chased out of the home."

- Lim Min Zhang