Stop talking about the sex already.

Lang Tong's director Sam Loh (photo), 46, was both amused and exasperated with the feedback his film's trailer has garnered.

He said that his dark, controversial thriller is just a movie and its plot certainly revolves around a lot more than just sex.

He told The New Paper: "I wanted to make a film of high quality, like those Japanese and Korean films where the audience can go see it and be thoroughly entertained.

"That is the reason I had to push the boundaries further.

"What people don't know is that the production team for Lang Tong was very small, less than 20, and we had a budget of only $500,000 for this independent film.

"I hope people watch it and appreciate that from what little resources we had, we managed to produce something comparable to films that have much bigger budgets."


Loh has more than 15 years of film and TV directing experience.

His credits include Channel 5 crime drama Code Of Law (2012) and children's dramas for Channel 8.

He made one other film, Outsiders, in 2004, about young dysfunctional Singaporeans. It was not shown here, but was screened at festivals such as the Asian Film Festival in Rome, Italy.

Loh said that he had written the script for Lang Tong a few years ago, but could not find an actress willing to bare it all in the film.

Local actress Angeline Yap was the first one to agree to the demands of the role when he met her last year, allowing Lang Tong to be filmed and submitted to the Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) this year.

Said Loh: "I'm very happy with people's response to the trailer. To hear that the tickets have been sold out for the screening is also a surprise.

"I didn't expect the outcome to be so good."

The SIFF is looking into adding additional dates for screenings of Lang Tong.