Mr Wong's memorable cases

JAN 19, 2011

Dubbed "Singapore's Edison Chen" after uploading video clips of himself having sex with women onto the Internet, Chen Guilin, alias Gary Ng, 31, was jailed 50 months and fined $20,000 on Jan 19, 2011.

Besides having 507 obscene films, he also admitted to other offences including forgery and criminal breach of trust.

NOV 27, 2013

An elderly cleaner was sentenced to five years' corrective training on Nov 27 last year after molesting his own granddaughters, then aged six and eight, in 2008.

AUG 7, 2014

Serial molester, odd-job worker Lee Kia Kit, 48, abused two young girls on their way to school and was sentenced to seven years' preventive detention on Aug 7.

He kissed the cheek of a 13-year-old girl near a bus stop in Bedok North Avenue 2 on March 3.

Two days later, he molested a 15-year-old girl at the open carpark of Block 510, Bedok North Street 3.