Tin Pei Ling, MP for Marine Parade GRC

"It's usually issues with cleanliness. Depending on where a piece of litter falls, different agencies could be involved.

"If it falls near a drain, it could be the duty of the Public Utilities Board. If it falls near the a grass patch near the drain, it could be the National Environment Agency (NEA).

"Usually, I would just ask the town council for help and they would do it out of goodwill.

"It really annoys people when they see rubbish lying around for a few days, because they expect a clean and green place. A one-stop portal would be helpful as a lay person might not know which agency would be best."

Baey Yam Keng, MP for Tampines GRC

"There is a long strip of land the size of a few football fields between Tampines Street 45 and the Tampines Expressway.

"Last year, during the peak of the dengue period, residents complained that it was a potential mosquito breeding spot and messy with overgrowth.

"The area nearest to the HDB flats is managed by the town council, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) manages the area near the expressway.

"There are trees so NParks is involved as well, and as it is state land - the Singapore Land Authority.

"Currently, there may be some discrepancies and disagreements (between agencies). There is a merry-go-round, residents are confused and things are not solved, which is a pity."


Zaqy Mohamad, MP for Chua Chu Kang GRC

"There was a case of monkey spotting which involved many agencies at one time because these animals don't just stay at one spot.

"If they are spotted at a HDB estate, the town council is involved. Elsewhere, in the forest, either Mindef or Agri-food and Veterinary Authority, depending on which part of the forest.

"I see a number of such cases involving multiple agencies. There is no wrong door policy, but it could also be a revolving door especially when they get caught in the web of regulations.

"Over the years, with experience, you will realise which is the right agency to approach. When more than one agency is involved, getting them on the same table helps to resolve the issue. At the management level, there is a commitment to resolve the issue."