News sorry for delay in delivery

One of's co-founders, Ms Jamie Yeo (above), apologised to angry customers yesterday.

She explained that her company, which was started in October last year, had received an unusually large number of orders this month.

"There were about 1,000, sometimes up to 1,500, orders each day," she told The New Paper yesterday over the phone from Bali, where she is holidaying.

"The Lego sets that we were selling were really popular because we were able to get them at about 20 to 30 per cent cheaper."

Ms Yeo, who is also a TV presenter and DJ with Power 98, added that they did not experience such numbers during Christmas last year and were not expecting that many orders this year.

"Perhaps it was because we were still a young company then," said the 37-year-old.

She also said that the Lego supplier delivered the stocks a week late.

"That meant a week's worth of packing and delivering lost," she said.


Ms Yeo said that a glitch in the system caused e-mails to be sent to their customers, telling them that their orders would arrive only after Christmas, which sent many of them into a frenzy.

"But we were still working and ensuring that the orders would be delivered by Christmas," she said, adding that all orders had gone out yesterday.

"It was our mistake to accept so many orders when we didn't have the resources. It is a lesson for us."

Angry customers have also posted on her personal Facebook page and one even threatened to report the company to the police, she said.

Ms Yeo said she understood her customers' frustrations.

"I get their anger. They have all the right to be angry, especially when many were disappointed that they did not receive their Christmas presents in time.

"We're really sorry and we hope for another chance from our customers," she said.

"I ended up buying substitute gifts such as chocolates and T-shirts. It was disappointing and frustrating."

- Mrs Pachymuthu on not receiving the Christmas gifts she ordered on for her nephews