MUNAH AND HIRZI - MINAHCONDA: Spoof experts a hit

When it comes to parodies, Munah and Hirzi are class acts, bringing in the eyeballs and laughs.

The wacky YouTube duo, whose real names are Hirzi Zulkiflie and Maimunah Bagharib, hit all the right spots with their latest MV Minahconda, an outrageous parody of US rapper Nicki Minaj's hit song Anaconda.

In the video, the duo describe Minahconda as a hungry "minah".

We had a good laugh - as did the 515,599 viewers who have watched it on YouTube since its release in October.

"This is hilarious, I can't believe we're up against legit music acts. We're very grateful," said Hirzi, 25, of the nomination.

For him, it is their "craziest" video to date. "We took a short break when I was in LA and we wanted something big and loud, quick and explosive," he said.

Not surprisingly, their page subscription numbers jumped from 1,000 a month to 10,000 in just two-and-a-half weeks because of the MV's success.

They have since given their own twist to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off and Bang Bang by Minaj, Ariana Grande and Jessie J.

Do they ever run out of ideas?

"It is so stressful to outdo ourselves - I know that sounds so vain! But at the end of the day, it's all about having fun," said Hirzi.

"(But) now that you have planted the idea (of the nomination) in my head, I want to win!"