'Murderer? It's just not possible'

When Mo Wei Qiang's friends heard he had been arrested for murder, they dismissed it as a joke.

"That's because he's a joker and a fun-loving person. We thought it was another prank he was trying to pull on us," said his close friend, 28-year-old sales consultant Jaronson Tey.

He was deeply shocked and troubled when he found out the news was true.

"How could it be that he is a murderer? It's just not possible," Mr Tey told The New Paper yesterday, adding that Mo is someone who never hesitated to help others.

"He's not the kind to kill people. He wouldn't even harm an animal.

"Sometimes when we go for drinks and there are fights, he would always be the one trying to stop them."

Another friend of Mo, 35-year-old sales consultant Jasmine Sim, described him as a kind and gentle person.

She said she and some of Mo's other friends are planning to raise money for his family as they prepare for a legal battle in court.

"We are planning to travel to Malaysia for the next trial on April 30. We hope that our presence will comfort Wei Qiang, and show that we support and care for him," she said.

Netizens in Malaysia have taken to social media to defend the actions of Mo and his father.

Mr Adam Malik Masidi wrote on Facebook: "You can't even defend yourself when robbers enter your house. So you should just wait until they kill you?"

Mr Alan Boey wrote: "When a robber enters your house, please accept him with a warm welcome and nice food. Tell the robber where you keep all the money."