Nail spa: Clients agreed with price

We told them of the price and they were okay with it.

That was what staff of Quiche Nail Spa, at HarbourFront Centre, told The New Paper about the Bahrain tourists who were charged $1,259 for a session on Nov 27.

TNP spoke to a receptionist and a therapist on Nov 28, minutes after Ms Michelle Ong and her husband had confronted them about a refund.

A Quiche Nail Spa receptionist said Ms Ong and her husband were charged extra because they had agreed to the use of higher quality products during the session.

Her colleague, who served as the couple's therapist that day, also claimed that she had informed the pair of the prices and additional charges during the session.

The receptionist admitted that the prices they charge are at the higher end.

But she claimed that their customers, about 50 a day, rarely complain because they are always made aware of the pricing.

She then showed TNP a stack of receipts from other customers that ranged between $500 and $1,000.

"These prices, it's common here. We are meant to be a higher-end nail place," she said.

The Consumers Association of Singaporesaid there had been one complaint from a Singaporean against the shop last year about hard-selling tactics by a sales assistant who tried to persuade the reluctant customer to buy additional packages.

The Singapore Tourism Board said there were no complaints from tourists about the shop.