ND Chow on celebrities he shot

"Pharrell is a very quiet person who does what he is told. But I remember the moment he saw (Japanese fashion model-actress) Jun Hasegawa, whom he was posing with for the magazine cover, he became chatty. He flirted with her and kept saying, 'You're so sexy,' while grabbing her waist. He became such a boy."

- On Grammy-winning 
US producer-singer 
Pharrell Williams

"He's such a mean and impatient guy! After every instruction, he kept saying, 'not cool.'

But he laughed, so I think he was joking. He also kept asking, 'Are we done?'"

- On English rocker Liam Gallagher, former singer of Oasis and current frontman of Beady Eye

"Six months after I came to Japan, I met her through Leslie Kee during a shoot. It was Valentine's Day, so she gave me chocolates and a T-shirt. She's a very nice, intelligent woman who pushes me in my work."

- On Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki

"Once, he pretended to throw a shoe at me when I kept asking him to pose this way and that. He's a very mysterious person."

- On Japanese actor-director Takeshi Kitano

"She's very innocent and pure, there are no airs about her. She grew to become my muse. She's probably the one star that I have the most photographs of. When we did the underwater shot, she grew used to the water really fast...almost like a mermaid." 
- On Japanese actress Haruka Ayase (left)

"She's not the traditional beauty we're used to. Looking 'pretty' and 'girly' wouldn't have worked on her, and she is very cooperative in embodying that sort of character." 

- On Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi