Neighbour: 'He changes women like changing clothes'

MYSTERY: The body of the 30-year-old woman being removed from the flat yesterday.

Groups of women in their 20s, wearing sexy clothes, heavy make-up and stilettoes, were a common sight at a unit in Block 406, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.

The women, believed to be foreigners, would stay there for weeks or months and then leave.

Another batch of girls would arrive to take their place.

Residents living near the flat said this went on for the past few years, with last year being the "peak period".

But the flow of women slowed down to a trickle this year.

A woman, 30, was found dead in the two-room flat yesterday.

A man, 40, believed to be living there, was arrested for murder.

His neighbours said they had often seen him with different women.

Ms Susan Ng, a retiree in her 60s, said the women usually went out at about 11pm and got back around 4am.

She said: "When the girls went out at night, they were very well-dressed with heavy make-up.

"They wore low-cut tops, exposing tattoos and spaghetti-strap tops. Some were in jeans, some in short skirts, with their hair all done up.

"When they came back, I could hear the sound of stilettoes clacking. I'm a light sleeper so every time I heard the sound, I would see what time it was."

She said she had heard the women calling the man "Jack".

The women kept to themselves and did not cause trouble, she added.

"As long as they didn't disturb us, we didn't call the police," she said.

A neighbour, Mr Letchmana Rajalingam, 61, a security guard, described the man as a "nice guy".

Echoing the sentiment, Madam Zaidah Mokhtar, 39, said in Malay: "I was shocked when I heard the news. When I'm with my husband, he would say hello. He told us that he worked part-time."

She had also seen women going in and out of the man's flat.

The housewife said: "He changes women like changing clothes. There were always new girls. Usually, there were about two or three girls.

"They would stay about two to three months and then the girls would change. The girls were usually Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai."


Other neighbours said the man seldom mixed with them, but could always be seen drinking at a nearby coffee shop.

Said Ms Ng: "He looked fierce so nobody really talked to him. He has tattoos all over his body - on his neck, hands and legs."

She said she had often heard him using Hokkien vulgarities.

"If he's on the phone, he's always scolding bad words."

Ms Ng also said that from her observations, some of the women would leave and reappear later.

She said: "Sometimes, the girls would go away and then after about six months, I would see them again."

They wore low-cut tops, exposing tattoos and spaghetti-strap tops. Some were in jeans, some in short skirts, with their hair all done up.

- Retiree Susan Ng on the groups of girls she had seen at the man's flat