Neighbour says man has no friends

The man who was arrested on Wednesday night is known to his neighbours for his eccentric behaviour.

Just several months ago, he allegedly stole a doll belonging to a neighbour.

Mr Bah Soo Liang, 50, a renovation designer who lives in a nearby block, said: "He stole it from my friend, hugged it and ran to the next block to hide. We called the police and he was taken away."

Mr Bah said he had also seen the man driving a lorry in the past, but said he stopped doing so last October.

"He liked to park his lorry with the exhaust facing my group of friends sitting at the coffee shop," he said.

"The exhaust smoke would blow towards us, making us so angry. But we refrained from confronting him."

Mr Bah also claimed that the man liked to watch his group of friends when they hang out at the coffee shop.

He said: "No one talks to him. No one greets him. He's weird. He has no friends."

Another resident, who gave her name only as Ms Norin, said the man became known to his neighbours after an incident about two years ago.

She said: "He had a car in 2013. It was a (Nissan) Skyline, a sports car. He would rev the engine very loudly in the middle of the night at the open-air carpark downstairs.

"Everybody knows who he is. He's a trouble-maker."

Another neighbour had also previously seen the man being escorted back to his flat by the police, Ms Norin said.

"He was wearing a singlet and boxer shorts and covered himself with a blanket," she said.