Neighbours help elderly woman

SHE CAN BARELY WALK: Mr Tan Shuan Luoh and his 80-year-old mother. - TNP PHOTO: PHYLLICIA WANG

Retired manager Tan Shuan Luoh, 57, lives with his 80-year-old wheelchair-bound mother, two units away from the flat that caught fire.

He was worried about carrying her down 11 flights of stairs if the lift had stopped working.

She can barely walk after a stroke more than a year ago and he did not have the strength to carry her all the way down.

Fortunately, a neighbour living downstairs heard the commotion and went up to check if the elderly woman was all right.

He helped wheel Mr Tan's mother to the other end of the corridor, away from the burning unit. Others gave her some water.

When asked why he didn't take her downstairs, Mr Tan said: "It was too inconvenient."

When TNP visited the neighbour's flat, there was no one at home. We later learnt that he had gone overseas.

"I think it's really great that the neighbours are stepping up. One resident, who Facebook messaged me about the incident, said she wanted to raise funds for the family. I told her to go ahead. Going forward, I have asked for there to be just one person representing the various agencies to coordinate with the affected family, and we are also helping the neighbours whose air-conditioning units were damaged with their insurance claims."

- MP for Tampines GRC 
Baey Yam Keng