Executive photojournalist Jonathan Choo, 58, was enjoying a day off when he spotted a car on fire on the BKE.

A man and his wife were trapped in their car when it collided with a tipper truck parked on the road shoulder.

To free the young couple, the truck driver smashed the car window with a hammer.

Another driver passing by then pulled the wife out of the car but was unsure of how to rescue the husband as the door closest to him was blocked.

His journalist instincts kicking in, Mr Choo started taking pictures but paused when he saw the driver struggling to free the man.

"I suggested that he rescue the man through the back door and I continued shooting as he freed the man," said Mr Choo.

The picture made the front page of The New Paper on Jan 4 last year and won News Picture of the Month.

Yesterday, Mr Choo was doubly elated when that same picture won News Picture of the Year.

He said: "I'm very happy to win but most importantly, a life was saved."

- Gao Wenxin