Nitrogen vapour can be dangerous

Nitrogen vapour can be dangerous if not handled with care, said Assistant Professor Guillaume Thibault from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Responding to queries from The New Paper, the professor from NTU's School of Biological Sciences and Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine added: "Nitrogen vapour can be extremely dangerous to the skin and eyes if someone does not wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.

"It can burn the skin by killing skin cells. Besides burning, nitrogen vapour can also lead to asphyxia by depleting the level of oxygen in the surrounding if there is no appropriate ventilation."

The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) has not received any complaints involving cryotherapy treatment, or against the spa in the past three years.


Its executive director, Mr Seah Seng Choon, said Madam Celine can go back to the company and ask for compensation for her injuries resulting from its cryotherapy treatment.

If the company refuses to make amends or if she is not satisfied with their offer, she can seek Case's help or lodge a claim at the Small Claims Tribunals.

He said consumers should take note that their health must come first when seeking such treatments.

"They should always determine whether the treatment is medically proven to be effective to deal with the problem.

"If they have any existing health conditions or have any doubts about the treatment, they should consult a doctor first," said Mr Seah.

President of the Spa and Wellness Association of Singapore Susan Teng said she believes that no authority is monitoring the use of these cryotherapy machines.

The association is now planning a registry for therapists.

She said: "(Now) there's no way anyone or (any) authority can verify how many therapists we have... or how many are trained therapists.

"Consumers should learn to ask for trained therapists to ensure that their wellness and health is taken care of properly."