Police do not suspect foul play in the death of Mrs Koka Sujana, investigation officer Staff Sergeant Shahrul Sophian told the court yesterday.

This comes after her brother, Mr Koka Srikanth, had accused Mrs Koka's husband, Mr Koka Nageswara Rao, of pushing Mrs Koka to her death on Feb 18 last year, said the investigation report.

Mr Koka Srikanth said that his sister had e-mailed him the night before her death, saying that she was upset with her life and that her husband "is a psycho and a sadist".

But Staff Sergeant Shahrul told the court that just three minutes lapsed between Mr Koka Nageswara Rao alighting from the taxi at the foot of his block and calling the police.

This window was barely enough time for him to drag his two pieces of luggage from the cab, into the lift and to his apartment, he said.

He added that police had also done checks on the whereabouts of Mr Koka Nageswara Rao's friends who had visited him and his daughter in hospital.