No issues with fuel: ExxonMobil

After the Cheahs were told that their Volkswagen Touran's engine was damaged due to water-tainted diesel, they approached ExxonMobil to enquire about the diesel quality at Tampines Esso service station.

It was where Mr Cheah Khuan Yew, 37, filled up the diesel tank for the first time.

In response to The New Paper's queries, a spokesman for ExxonMobil confirmed that it has been in contact with the Cheahs over the issue.

"We wish to highlight that their feedback was the only one we received from among the 262 customers who pumped diesel at our Tampines Avenue 7 service station that day," he said.

ExxonMobil investigated the matter and found no issues with the fuel.

"We take product quality seriously and we have processes in place to ensure the integrity of the fuel we sell," the spokesman added.

At the service stations, there are monitoring systems in the underground storage tank to prevent free water, if any, from being dispensed, he added.

Free water refers to water found in diesel fuel that is not a dissolved component.

The ExxonMobil spokesman said that checks are also carried out regularly to ensure the integrity of the fuels.

These include daily sensor readings of the storage tanks and monthly manual tank dips to check for the presence of free water.

"All our products also go through stringent checks prior to their delivery to the underground storage tank at our service stations," he said.