It was a tragic end to a selfless act.

Since Mr Tan Boon Chong had sufficient warning of the raging fire, he could have saved himself.

But he chose to run back in an attempt to rescue his son.

The two men died from smoke inhalation.

But Mr Tan's heroic act did not go unnoticed by State Coroner Marvin Bay.

"It is clear that the father... had ample notice of the peril but ran back to find and attempt to save his son... apparently putting aside all thought of saving himself," he said.

Mr Tan did not join the other occupants in attempting to put out the fire. Instead, he armed himself with a small torch and a small piece of cloth to cover his nose.

"Plainly the only motive for doing so would be to look for his son, who... was still in their bedroom.

"It is also probable to judge where they fell that they were quickly overcome by smoke well before they could exit the room, and eventually succumbed to smoke inhalation," he said.

Mr Tan was later found dead and face down on top of his son's body.

He also said that both men were alive at the time of the fire and had inhaled fumes containing carbon monoxide.

"Mr Tan Boon Chong's death is a truly unfortunate and tragic outcome from his noble and selfless gesture," he said.