Not easy to woo this shy 'hero'

CO-STARS: Tasha Shilla and Malaysian actor Remy Ishak signing autographs and meeting fans at the Kasih Berbisik promotional event on Friday.

Tall, dark and handsome - with a great build as an added bonus.

It is no wonder that Malaysian actor Remy Ishak has been dubbed a typical "hero" in the Malay entertainment industry.

But it is a compliment that catches him by surprise.

Remy, 32, is a man of few words and painfully shy in person.

In Kasih Berbisik, Remy takes on the lead role of Imran, an architect married to his wife of six years, Nora (Nurul Aini).

He later falls in love with Balinese dancer Sulastri (Demmy Febriana) and marries her behind Nora's back.

For Remy, it is one of his most challenging roles to date.

He said: "There are so many layers to this complex character. Honestly, sometimes even on set I'm still finding ways to accurately portray Imran."

On acting opposite Nurul Aini, Remy said there was chemistry despite their personality differences.

"Nurul is very talkative and fun. I love listening to her speak. She will share with me stories about her family and acting, as well as the differences between the industry in Malaysia and Singapore. She also gives full commitment to this show and I'm happy working with her," he said.

In the show, Imran adores his wife Nora for her happy-go-lucky nature.

But in real life, Remy lets on that his desired traits in his dream woman are not as straightforward.

"Sometimes I like someone adventurous or feminine, other times I like the quiet types. I feel that I want varying qualities in a woman and I can't get them all in one person so it's tough," he said.

Ultimately, he added that if she has a "spunky personality" and is fun to be with, he would pick her.

Female fans, take note - Remy gave us his word that he is currently single.

He also confirmed that long-standing rumours of him dating Malaysian actress-singer Maya Karin are not true.

"I have been single for the last three years but I don't mind it. I'm too busy at the moment," he said.