Notable cases


A woman with dual US and French citizenship disappeared from a health-care facility in France.

Her American mother had been trying to track her down for about 10 years, but to no avail. The only information she had was that her daughter had left with an Egyptian man.

In 2009, Ms Ponnosamy was asked to help when American investigators traced her to Malaysia.

Investigators observed her to seemingly be in good health though emotionally unstable. When approached, she would turn aggressive.

After extensive investigations, Ms Ponnosamy decided to write the man a letter asking him to release the woman. He did, and put her on a flight back to New York.

For this case, Ms Ponnosamy was awarded the CII's International Investigator of The Year Award in 2010.


The US singer-actress had been cyberstalked for six years by Singaporean Colin Mak, who sent her threatening e-mails.

Ms Ponnosamy and her father were hired by Ms Ramm to try and locate Mak here.

They did, after two years. But they were told by Singapore police that it was a case of "intentional harassment" and Ms Ramm was advised to file a magistrate's complaint.

Ms Ramm eventually hired a certified data forensic examiner in the US and he got the Federal Bureau of Investigation to seek the assistance of the police here.

Singapore police arrested and charged Mak later in 2011. Last December, he was jailed for three years on 14 counts of criminal intimidation.

Ms Ponnosamy said this case stood out because it was the first known successful prosecution of an international cyberstalker.