What Sara Shantelle Lim claims her sponsors are providing for her $40,000 birthday party.

$20,000 Rental of birthday venue, including service staff, free alcohol mixers and sound system".

$5,000 Alcohol including bourbon from Jim Beam, Scotch whisky from Auchentoshan, Pinnacle Vodka and Courvoisier cognac.

$1,500 Beer.

$1,000 Birthday dress and shoes.

$3,000 Local model/DJ Nicole Chen spinning at her party.

$3,500 A photo booth where her "high society guests can take photos with fun props".

$2,000 Flowers.

$1,800 A candy buffet.

$1,250 A three-tier cake measuring 20cm wide and weighing 5kg.

$3,000 Lucky draw prizes.

Diamond rings to be given away for winners of the Best Dressed Award.