Veteran actor Thomas Ong (above) may have been in local showbiz for 20 years now, but he is looking forward to working with actress Huang Biren.

The 45-year-old, who plays Huang's husband in Channel 8 drama 3 Wishes, is excited at the rare chance.

"Among the many actresses I've acted with," he said, "Huang ranks among the top three in terms of professionalism and serious attitude.

"The other two would be Fann Wong and Ivy Lee.

"Huang comes to set fully prepared and pays attention to all the details. It's good acting opposite her as she has the ability to bring out the best in me, and vice versa."


But Ong revealed that he had not always had a good impression of Huang.

He felt that Huang seemed serious and unapproachable and that it would be intimidating talking to her.

But his views changed after getting to know her better.

"She has a very infectious laughter and is easy to relate to. She has a gentle and girly side to her that I never knew."

Ong, who was one of the heart-throbs of Caldecott Hill when he was younger, also has some advice for the younger actors, especially Shane Pow, 23, and Julie Tan, 21, who play his children in the drama.

"As social media is a very big thing now, I tell them not to think too much about how many followers they have, or how popular they are," he said,

"They should focus their attention on their acting skills and facial expressions. Ultimately, it's their abilities that really matter."