Orchard's bird issue: Irritating but shoppers don't complain

Orchard Road is another place where hundreds of birds, mostly Javan mynahs, reside.

The birds return to their trees in the evenings, creating a din. Dried bird droppings are visible on the pavements along Orchard Road every morning.

Mr Chew Chang Sern , 67, who works at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, said: "The pavements are cleaned daily, so the bird droppings don't cause many problems."

However, Ms Huda Kosai, who works in a store at 313@Somerset, finds the birds irritating.

She said: "They will disrupt shoppers... One bird even pooped on me."

Mr Steven Goh, executive director of the Orchard Road Business Association, said: "Although there has been regular cleaning, the bird population here is really huge, so it's difficult.

"But there have been no complaints from shoppers, so business-wise, there isn't much impact."