Other attacks on cats


A teenager threw a cat down 10 storeys from a Nee Soon HDB block in April. A resident reported the incident to the police. The cat survived.


Two kittens were found dismembered in Yishun in December, while their owners were overseas.

One kitten's head, leg and tail were left outside their flat and the other kitten's remains were found in a flowerpot nearby.


Two cats were found dead in Marine Parade in a period of less than two months.

One cat was found in front of Block 32 in Marine Crescent on Dec 28. The other was believed to have been thrown from the same block on Nov 9.


There were seven attacks on cats in Pasir Ris in May.

Two cats were found dead at Block 253, Pasir Ris Street 21 on May 2. They were believed to have been dunked in thinner.

A third cat, which had also been dunked in thinner, had to be put down.

The seven attacks prompted animal lovers to offer a $10,000 reward for information and to start patrols around the neighbourhood.


There were two reported cases of stray dogs killing cats in Jurong and Bishan.

In Jurong, cat lovers claimed that more than 10 cats, both strays and pets, had been killed in the past three years by dogs.

Bishan residents also said packs of dogs were killing cats. In April, a resident saw six dogs attacking a stray cat.

She took it to an animal hospital, but it died from its injuries.