A man broke into four Buddhist temples to steal money from donation boxes between May and October 2013.

Kam Aik Soon, 21, filched a total of $1,200 from the temples' donation boxes and a money pouch that he found. He was jailed for two and a half years on Nov 25 that year.


Two Chinese nationals were each sentenced to five months' jail for stealing money from a mosque's donation box.

A staff member of the mosque was viewing CCTV footage on Oct 10 when he saw one of them fishing money out of a donation box while the other pretended to take photographs of the surroundings.

He called the police and detained one of them. The other man was arrested at Changi Airport.

Among the items seized from them were $1,719, a red folder containing seven metal plates with black strings, a silver torch and a laptop bag with a hole cut into the base.