APRIL 12, 2014

While sniffing glue, a 50-year-old cleaner hit a police officer and was Tasered.

A police spokesman said the man was later arrested for inhaling an intoxicating substance and using criminal force on a public servant.

MARCH 31, 2014

A 47-year-old man was Tasered and arrested after the police received a call about drunk men causing a nuisance at around 4pm.

This incident took place at Block 52, Chin Swee Road. Police said a man was arrested for disorderly behaviour and suspected consumption of controlled drugs.

FEB 26, 2013

A 31-year-old man stripped naked in public and caused a commotion in Bukit Panjang.

A policeman told him to get dressed, but the man refused and charged at the officer. He threw a punch at the policeman's face, but the officer managed to evade it.

When the man continued to be aggressive, the officer took out his Taser gun and warned him. Later, two more policemen arrived at the scene and helped to arrest the man.