Other club changes

MARCH 2015

One of Singapore's hottest nightclubs, The Butter Factory, will shut its doors after its lease expires in March next year after six years at One Fullerton.

The decision was made after the owners were unable to come to an agreement with the landlord on rent.

The club's co-founder and executive chairman Tay Eu-Yen said: "...we have decided to give The Butter Factory a break and are going to explore new concepts".


Zouk has been given a "final" extension until 2017 of its lease at Jiak Kim Street.

The extension of the lease, which was due to be terminated on Dec 31, depends on whether the nightclub finds a new location by June 30 next year.

If it does, it can remain at Jiak Kim Street until Dec 31, 2017, to give it time to complete the moving process, which may include renovation and construction.

If Zouk fails to secure a new site by the stipulated time, its tenancy at Jiak Kim Street will expire on Dec 31 next year.