Other cryotherapy cases

An American woman was diagnosed with third-degree burns after a cryotherapy session at a centre in Texas, US in 2011. News portal Dallas Observer reported that the woman had a frozen arm after the treatment.

As the arm thawed, it became swollen. Blisters appeared and she sued the centre in November last year.

Former Olympic champion sprinter Justin Gatlin had frostbite after going into a cryogenic chamber with sweaty socks in August 2011.

According to the BBC, Gatlin said: "I was only in there for two minutes, but for some reason the socks froze to my ankles. It felt like my feet were on fire... and it hurt to walk."

Two sportsmen suffered burns on their feet after undergoing cryotherapy treatment.

According to Irish online news portal, in May 2012, hurlers John O'Leary and Christopher Ryan were understood not to have worn any footwear in the cryotherapy chamber.