APRIL 19, 2014

Ms Sim Qiu Yan, 30, who had received her diving licence earlier that year, drowned while diving off Tioman island in Malaysia.
The mother of one was said to have been diving near Sipadan Wreck, an area known for its low visibility.


Singaporean diving instructor, Mr Tan Seah Heng, 48, and his Singaporean student, Dr Lee Yong Yeow, 35, both drowned in the waters off Pulau Tioman during a diving trip. The victims were believed to have run out of air while diving.


Mr Sue Qing wen and five other dive students headed out to pulau hantu in singapore for their final dive assessment. He was one dive away from qualifying as an open-water diver.the 20-year-old sank out of the dive crew's sight and drowned. His body was found three days later, with his tank still strapped on.

APRIL 2006

Bank employee Bernard Lo Wern Terk, 28, drowned in an apparent diving accident off the coast of Sipadan Island in Sabah. He was diving under the supervision of a local diving instructor with two friends, his fiancée and three Japanese tourists.


Operations executive Heng Siok Hoon, 29, was on her second diving trip when she drowned in the waters off Pulau Redang in Terengganu. Systems engineer William Lim, 30, also died while on a diving trip at Pulau Aur, Johor.