Other Hugh Jackman quotes

When addressing the media at the start of the press conference:

"If you don't mind telling my two children that I'm very important, that would be great. They didn't get the memo."

On the character he would like his son Oscar, 14, to play if he were cast in an X-Men movie:

"Wolverine, father to son, I like a family business. Perfect choice."

On playing Wolverine in the latest movie:

"You will see a whole different side of him in the movie. He's more of a diplomat and a mentor."

On US star Channing Tatum, who will take on the role of Gambit in an X-Men spin-off movie:

"(Deadpan) I'm thrilled for him... I've never heard of him. Up and coming, yeah? Great dancer, good break for him. I, too, was new when I did it, so this is a big thing for him. Gambit has always been a fan favourite. I know there will be pressure on him, and the fans. He will get stopped for the rest of his life (with fans) telling him what they liked and what they didn't, but they are the best fans in the world."

On the significance of Wolverine in his life:

"People ask me all the time when I'm going to give it up. It's a very hard thing to imagine because it's very close to me. My son turns 14 tomorrow and he was born in the making of X-Men, so in a way, it feels like such a part of me."

On having a Vietnamese mutant in future movies:

"Oh didn't you know - Channing is playing one. We should tell Channing that, he could do it actually. (More seriously) Bring on Vietnamese mutants, why not? I love it."