Ms Jessica Tan, PAP MP for East Coast GRC, said that good policies should be praised regardless of party affiliation. If policies were not well-received, effort needs to be put into listening to the ground and dialogues held so that policies can be refined, she added.

Mr Vikram Nair, PAP MP for Sembawang GRC, said it would be tragic if the focus was on politics and not policies that help people. Constructive politics is about working together and not bringing down people who are trying to solve the problem, he added.

Mrs Lina Chiam, Non-Constituency Member of Parliament, said a constructive opposition means speaking up for the real needs of the people to build a democratic society based on justice and equality.

From PM Lee Hsien Loong's Facebook: Constructive politics is key to realising our dreams. The purpose of politics is to make a difference to people's lives, to build a better Singapore. Politics purely for the sake of power, without any notion of what we want Singapore to become, will lead us to disaster.