Other mums who refused treatment

A TV presenter in China died on Dec 10 after she refused chemotherapy to save her unborn child.

Ms Qiu Yuan Yuan, 26, discovered that she had late-stage womb cancer in March.

Her baby boy, Niannian, was only three months old when she died.

Niannian was delivered via emergency Caesarean section and weighed only 1.49kg at birth, reported South China Morning Post.

Ms Qiu's husband supported his wife's decision.

He told Zhengzhou Evening News: "She chose to save our child - she understood that not everything in life can be perfect. And she said she had never regretted her decision."

Former MediaCorp radio DJ Kate Reyes, 41, died last month after battling cancer for two years.

She initially discovered that her breast cancer had recurred but delayed treatment until she had safely given birth to her baby boy in 2012.

Reyes is survived by her husband and two children aged two and three years old.

She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. It is not known when she went into remission.