Other new measures

1. Different tracks of divorce

At an early stage in the divorce process, case conferences will be held to categorise cases into one of four tracks, which will help the courts decide how much resources to allocate to each case.

  • Simplified track

Where the divorce is uncontested, and all issues such as custody, care and control of the children, as well as maintenance, have been decided on.

  • Cases involving young children

Where there are issues like custody, care and control, as well as child access, mediation and counselling will be recommended and carried out by a judge mediator and a counsellor.

  • High conflict/complex track

Where there may be a high level of conflict, or complex issues of law involved.

  • International track

Where there is an international element in divorce cases, such as both parties being of different nationalities, or when there are cross-jurisdiction issues.

2. Help before and after divorce

The Family Justice Courts is working with the Ministry of Social and Family Development on the new Specialist Divorce Agencies, which would help manage cases before and after divorce.

Some of the issues that it would help manage include child access after divorce and co-parenting.