1 A stand-off between a male passenger and the cabin crew of a SilkAir flight led to an aborted landing at Koh Samui airport in Thailand last June. The plane landed safely 30 minutes later after a second landing attempt by the pilot.

2 An Australian's rant on Facebook after his Scoot Airlines flight to Singapore had been delayed by five hours caused him to be blacklisted by the budget airline in 2012.

Described as a "private joke" with his son, the man had threatened to hijack and crash a Scoot flight on his return journey.

3 In 2010, a woman passenger had tried to open an airplane door mid-flight. It had apparently been a few weeks since she had last taken her medication for bipolar disorder when she took the Singapore Airlines flight from Munich to Singapore. She was arrested on arrival, but was later granted a discharge amounting to an acquittal after a psychiatric evaluation.