These 12 cuties caught everyone's attention with their tap-dancing routine.

The seven- to 12-year-olds from local dance school Dance Trilogy showed why they won the Under-12 category at Australia's Dance Quest in June and took second prize at the Asia Pacific Dance Competition last month.

Their tap dance, performed to the music of Derek Corbett's Go Big Daddy Swing, was on the money and they sailed into the second round.

Said Dance Trilogy owner Lim Ju Li, 46: "These girls dance three to four times a week and are very fit because of their commitment to dance.

"They are looking forward to performing modern ballet and jazz dance for the upcoming rounds."


Mr Duan Jia Fei, a Singapore permanent resident who came from China a decade ago, is one unorthodox part-time physics and chemistry tutor.

The 19-year-old Ngee Ann Polytechnic engineering science student uses "magic" to explain science concepts to his students.

So he tried to impart his knowledge of density, by showing that oil and water do not mix, at his audition.

Declining to reveal how his three red cards and three black cards did not mix although they were randomly stacked together, Mr Duan said: "I think I didn't get through because my act may not be as entertaining as others."


Yuhua Primary School student Lim Jiow Teng fell in love with Indian culture after she saw Indian folk dances two years ago.

The 12-year-old was radiant as she performed the Indian folk dance Kalasala.

Although she did not make it to the second round, the aspiring singer-actress said: "I love this Indian folk dance because I get to wear ankle bells and I can hear the beat of the music from the sounds made by the bells.

"I love the costume and make-up, especially the eyeliner, which makes my eyes look much bigger.

"And I love roti prata!"

"I love the costume and make-up, especially the 
eyeliner, which makes my eyes look much bigger. 
And I love roti prata!"

- Lim Jiow Teng (above), on her love for Indian folk dance