Other ways to eat placenta


Encapsulation is still the most common way of eating placenta - with Hollywood endorsement from Mad Men's January Jones and The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik, who are open about having their placentas powdered and turned into pills. But some prefer to make a meal of it...

Double-boiled Soup

This is a traditional method commonly used among the Chinese.

Confinement nanny Yeo Mooi Lee, 60, has encountered five cases of women consuming their placenta this way while under her care.

She says the placenta can be cooked as a soup for one and a half hours with chicken meat, a generous amount of black pepper and ginger - similar to pork belly soup.

The grandmother of 12 tells The New Paper on Sunday that she ate some by accident, when a portion of placenta soup was served to everyone in the family.

"I didn't know what it was. It tasted so good. It was fragrant and tasty," says Madam Lee.

But when she found out later that night what she had eaten, she was shocked. "After that, I didn't dare to consume anything that the mother cooked."

Placenta Pate Party

In February 1998, UK TV presenter Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall caused an uproar when he featured a dinner party where a woman's placenta was served as pate.

The baby's family wanted to mark the birth by having family and friends eat the placenta to reflect rituals and customs from other cultures.

Some viewers complained saying that the practice was close to cannibalism.

Raw Placenta Smoothie

There are recipes online on how to prepare a placenta smoothie with fruit and water. It has to be consumed within an hour after it is prepared and has to be taken as soon as possible after birth.

America's Next Top Model winner Lisa D'Amato tweeted about her husband and her trying "his and hers" placenta smoothies in October last year. She also posted a picture of two friends trying the drink on Instagram, captioning it, "Placenta smoothie party".


Placenta Dishes

For those who do not want it raw, there is stew. You can easily use it in any recipe that calls for beef or liver, and replace that meat with placenta.

Placenta Jerky
For those who want something to chew on, add your favourite spices and flavours, cook and slice the placenta before dehydrating it.