5 fun facts about Batman

1 Today, Batman is well-known for his refusal to kill his enemies and his aversion to firearms. However, in his first appearance in Detective Comics #27, he punches a criminal into a vat of acid, killing him. In the first issue of his own series, Batman, he shoots a group of henchmen to death with a machine gun mounted on his Batplane.

2 In his 1954 book, Seduction Of The Innocent, psychiatrist Frederic Wertham accused the Batman comics of promoting a homosexual agenda. Over the next few years, publisher DC Comics inserted a host of female characters to counter the accusation, including Batwoman and Batgirl as romantic interests for Batman and Robin, respectively.

3 Pop artist Andy Warhol produced and directed a surreal film titled Batman Dracula in 1964 for his exhibitions, predating any official theatrical full-length Batman films. He did not ask DC Comics for permission.

4 In 1983, DC Comics held a telephone poll to let fans determine the fate of Jason Todd, the second Robin. He was killed off after a narrow vote of 5,343 to 5,271. Naturally, he later returned as the villain Red Hood.

5 Before he was cast for Batman Begins in 2003, actor Christian Bale had just completed work on The Machinist, for which he starved himself to play an emaciated insomniac. Weighing a mere 54kg during the production of The Machinist, he nearly doubled his weight in six months for his role as Batman.