About the scholarships

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) Scholarship & Home Affairs Uniformed Services (HUS) Scholarship Award Ceremony 2016 was held at the Istana on Aug 11.

HUS Scholarships - which comprise the SPF Scholarship, Singapore Merit Scholarship, Singapore Government Scholarship, Local Merit Scholarship and Home Team Local Study Awards - are awarded yearly to students who excel in their studies and co-curricular activities, display outstanding leadership qualities and have an interest in pursing a uniformed career with the Home Team.

As one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded by the Public Service Commission, SPF Scholarship has three recipients this year - Mr Justin Tan, Mr Lua Jiong Wei, and Mr Kagen Lim.

During the ceremony, 21 other recipients were presented the HUS Scholarships.

The scholars will pursue their studies in various disciplines at local or overseas universities.

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