Bistro repaired, but customers not back

Two weeks on and the Siglap bistro is still affected by the accident in which a taxi crashed into its al fresco dining area, injuring four customers and one employee.

Georges Mad Bar and Grill no longer bears the scars of the accident as it has restored the wrecked al fresco dining area and has added walls that are reinforced with a steel frame.

It did so to the tune of $40,000.

Its owner, Mr David Leong, 40, said: "Business is not good, but at least we recovered in time for the Liverpool vs Chelsea match on Sunday. That was the only time it was full house.

"It takes time for my customers to adjust. Customers have been asking if it is safe to sit outside."

He said the bar lost around $10,000 in potential revenue in the week after the incident.

The taxi had first collided with a red Honda Jazz at around 9pm on April 17.

The taxi driver of four years has been suspended.

A police spokesman confirmed that he is assisting them in investigations.

The employee who was injured is still on medical leave.

Mr Leong said that the road in front of his bistro, East Coast Road, has seen many accidents as drivers often speed and make illegal U-turns.

In 2008, a female pedestrian was killed when a taxi slammed into her, severing her leg and sending her body flying into a drain.