A day for intellectual property

Singapore celebrated World Intellectual Property (IP) Day 2014 on Saturday.

This is part of a worldwide movement observed by more than 100 countries across the globe.

World IP Day aims to promote public awareness of IP and the contributions of creators and innovators worldwide.

Singapore's World IP Day 2014 celebration was organised under the purview of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore's (IPOS)'s Embracing IP campaign.

It aims to bring IP closer to innovators, creators, and businesses.

For the event, local creative studios such as 3D animation company Tiny Island Productions and collectible figurine producer Play Imaginative showcased their latest innovations, activity booths promoted IP awareness in film, music and design, and visitors were entertained by acts such as The Sam Willows, Taufik Batisah and Jack & Rai.

CEO of Tiny Island Productions, David Kwok, said: "Animation is a creative art form enjoyed by all ages. We hope that through this collaboration, there would be more awareness of creative efforts that go on behind the scene.

"And more people would choose to support original works and keep our creative industry flourishing."