But the question remains - was this the right way to deal with the problem?

When asked, Mr Fai Marwan paused and replied: "What else can I do because reminding them that it is an offence won't help. They will still continue to do it."

Extreme measures are needed to deal with a problem like preying on underage girls, he said.

And by outing these men, Mr Fai said he was ultimately "creating awareness" of this persistent problem.

"My friends have been very supportive about what I've done. I also have a niece who is 14 years old. So what I learnt on (chat website) Alamak disturbed me greatly."

He also defended his actions - he may have posed as a teenager to draw out these men, but he denies ever "setting them up".

"They might say I was setting them up, but anyone in the right frame of mind would know that grooming a 14-year-old for sex is not the right thing to do," said Mr Fai.

"When someone says she's 14, why continue the conversation? What they should have done is to stop it and not gone any further."