Fellow celeb dad says not to take scene too seriously

People should not take the bathing scene with Wu Chun's daughter so seriously.

This was Taiwanese singer-actor Jimmy Lin's reaction when asked to weigh in on the controversy surrounding Dad Is Back.

He and his four-year-old son Kimi starred in Where Are We Going, Dad?, a popular and highly rated Chinese reality TV series which premiered last October.

The main difference is that Dad Is Back is filmed largely indoors while Where Are We Going, Dad? features celebrity fathers travelling to China's rural areas with their children and roughing it out.

Lin, 39, told The New Paper over the phone from Taipei on Tuesday: "With regard to what happened to Wu Chun, I think people should relax and treat it as a life experience."

For Lin, the most difficult part of filming his show was giving his son the choice of a more comfortable room or the boondocks in the countryside.

He said: "I was very touched when my son chose to sleep with me even though it was so cold."

Where Are We Going, Dad? is airing over Mango (StarHub Ch 836) every Friday at 10pm.