Handwriting expert says...

A graphologist, who wanted to be known only as Mr Bill, pieced together the writer's personality based on the hate mail, which The New Paper forwarded to his office.

Mr Bill, who has 25 years' experience as a handwriting expert, said the person is likely to be:

1 Individualistic and egocentric

The individual letters are fairly large, hinting that the writer is expressive and vocal.

The bigger the writing, the bolder the writer.

2 Socially inhibited, avoids close encounters, lonely

Usually, people are taught to write in a vertical style.

Writing vertically or upwards means the person tends to be neutral when making decisions - the proverbial "look before you leap" trait.

But in this case, the leftward slant is very strong, signalling an introvert.

He probably spends a lot of time thinking deeply.

3 Spasmodic thinking, stubborn, critical

A disconnected style (from individual capital/ block letters) and the angular alphabets reflect a stubborn character.

The strokes for letters like "p" and "g" are extended beyond the base line, showing a critical nature.

4 It's not over

Also, the stroke in "e" is drawn out, showing the person is unlikely to be satisfied. He or she has more to say.

"This (letter) is unlikely to be the last episode," Mr Bill said.